Merriam-Webster Online defines "supper club" simply as a "nightclub." But, a supper club nowadays can mean all sorts of things, ranging from a most average restaurant to an actual club in which people share suppers. The last description is the one that I offer here, as years ago my husband and I participated in a wonderful supper club, filled with a creative, friendly and diverse group of friends.

A supper club is a wonderful way to get together with friends while feasting on delicious meals constructed by everyone in the group. It provides an opportunity to share favorite recipes, discuss various topics, perhaps play a fun game or two, and create memories to last a lifetime! You can create theme nights, explore a certain country's cuisine, plan the meal around one ingredient - the possibilities are endless.

Food is a big part of a supper club, so I'm including monthly recipes that are perfect for 8 to 10 people. Also, suggestions for topics of discussion to get you started, some of our favorite games for large groups, places of entertainment that we really enjoyed, and ideas for getting away and relaxing in a totally new environment. So if you're toying with the idea of starting your own supper club, or just need some new ideas for one you're already in, I hope this website is helpful!

The Supper Club Book